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Specific Learning Solutions offers Dyslexia tutoring and support to children and young adults with Dyslexia.

The human brain is unique, like a fingerprint. They may look similar, but they all work differently. Brains see and understand the world in different ways, one of those ways is called Dyslexia.

If you are Dyslexic then your brain is amazing! It handles information that you see and hear in a unique way. Here are some common ways your brain might react to activities:

  • You may find it hard to put letters to sounds
  • It might be a challenge to spell words correctly
  • Letters may move around when you are reading
  • Telling your left from right might be a struggle
  • Too many instructions can be easily overwhelming
  • You may need more time to think or memorise things

Everyone is different, and our challenges are unique too! You may struggle with a task that someone else finds easy and be left feeling angry, frustrated or sad. We can help you see all the positive things that your amazing brain can do with dyslexia tutoring!

James Summers

About James


James has a wealth of experience as a Specialist Teacher and SENCO.



James has a Degree of Bachelor of Arts, Post Graduate Certificate in Education, Postgraduate Certificate in Special Educational Needs Coordination, a Post Graduate Certificate in Specific Learning Difficulties (SpLD).



James is also a member of PATOSS and possesses associate membership of the British Dyslexia Association (BDA); awarded AMBDA status.


Our Services

We offer Dyslexia Assessments and Dyslexia Tutoring in the Yorkshire area. If you are unsure as to whether our services are for you, read the questions below. If you need any help, please call James on 07720 698 866.

What is Dyslexia?

Dyslexia is a general term for disorders that involve difficulty in learning to read or interpret words, letters, and other symbols, but that do not affect general intelligence. Your brain just sees things differently, but it's still amazing! We can help you learn more about your unique brain. We can help you with Dyslexia tutoring learning techniques that will suit you.

How will I be assessed?

A Dyslexia assessment gives children and adults the opportunity to understand why they may be experiencing certain tasks more challenging than their peers. It can help to build confidence, self-esteem and resilience. Early identification of dyslexia can enable children and adults to get the support they need to achieve their full potential. A dyslexia assessment can take approximately 2-3 hours. The style of assessments used will depend upon the age and individual requirements of the person being assessed.

A dyslexia assessment generally focuses on the following aspects :-

  • Phonological Awareness
  • Phonological Memory
  • Speed of Processing
  • General Ability
  • Working Memory
  • Spelling
  • Reading
  • Handwriting

What happens next?

A comprehensive detailed assessment report is produced within 2-3 weeks of the assessment. This includes an outline of learning strengths, recommendations and strategies for how to improve and work on areas of identified weakness. We'll let you know how we can help you with our specialist Dyslexia tutoring service.

What areas do you cover?

We are based in the Holme Valley area, within easy reach of neighbouring villages and Towns. We offer dyslexia tutoring services in Holmfirth, Honley, Meltham, Marsden, Huddersfield, Halifax, Elland, Brighouse, Colne valley, Kirklees. If you are nearby and you're not sure if we cover your area, please give us a ring on 07720 698 866.

Words of wisdom

Did you know some of the most successful people are dyslexic? Some people try to hide their difficulties because they worry what people may think. The dyslexic brain is amazing, you may have a talent for seeing patterns and solving problems. You probably have a wonderful imagination and can tell great stories! Your skill may be rebuilding things that you've taken apart, or understanding the bigger picture of how things work and become famous for it!

"If anyone ever puts you down for having dyslexia, don't believe them. Being dyslexic can actually be a big advantage, and it has certainly helped me."



"Being diagnosed with dyslexia at age 60 was like the last puzzle, part in a tremendous mystery that I have kept to myself all these years"


"I didn't succeed despite my dyslexia, but because of it. It wasn't my deficit, but my advantage. Although there are neurologival trade-offs that requite that I work creatively and smarter in reading, writing and speaking. I would never wish to be any other way than my awesome self"




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